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The Lonely Animal Club

Love for Random?

I'm from Australia Melbourne and my name is Diem which almost everyone pronounces wrong, eg. De-em, so I sorta stopped correcting. But just to tell you guys it's pronounced Yim, I've even been called Jim and Denim before, stupid huh? I'm crazy about JE it's pretty much sucked the living daylights outa my wallet! T_T I'm completely obsessed with Uchi Hiroki DX
I really enjoy drawing although I haven't been doing much of it recently. To make it more broad I just like anything to do with creativity, I'd love to learn how to sew or use PS like a pro.
I'm usually poor 90% of the time due to constantly buying stuff...and I don't have a job, it's amazing how I manage XD
I usually just rant about my life and JE lol nothing that important ay
Feel free to add me as a friend as long as you keep in touch and i'll be sure to do the same =D